Will Canada’s international student cap affect rents in BC?

Student Visa Cap: Housing Crisis

Canada has announced a cap on the number of international students who can enroll in post-secondary institutions for the 2024-2025 academic year. The international student cap will decrease new student visas by 35%, which means approximately 364,000 international students will get their visas in 2024. This is a significant reduction that may impact rents in BC.
International Student Cap
The international student cap is intended to help to manage demand for rents as a way to deal with the housing crisis. However, some critics argue that the cap is unfair and short-sighted, as international students contribute to the diversity, innovation and economy of Canada.

Rental Market Challenges in BC

One of the potential impacts of the cap is on the rental market in BC, where many international students choose to live and study. According to a report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, BC has the highest average rent in Canada, at $1,508 per month. The report also found that BC has the lowest vacancy rate in Canada, at 1.4%. This means that finding affordable and available housing is a challenge for many renters, especially students.

How will the international student cap affect rents in bc?

The cap could affect rents in BC in two ways. On one hand, it could reduce the demand for rental units, as fewer international students will need housing. This could lower the rent prices and increase the vacancy rate, making it easier for renters to find suitable accommodation. On the other hand, it could also reduce the supply of rental units, as some landlords who cater to international students may decide to sell or convert their properties. This could raise the rent prices and decrease the vacancy rate, making it harder for renters to find suitable accommodation.

factors to consider

The actual outcome of the cap will depend on several factors:

• How many international students will still come to Canada under other programs or visas
• How many domestic students will enroll in post-secondary institutions,
• How many landlords will adjust their rental strategies
• How the overall economy and housing market will perform.
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