Tax Assessment Appeals

Do you believe that your home was assigned an unrealistically high value on your tax assessment? WesTech Appraisal Services Ltd. can help. We will perform a professional appraisal and provide you with a credible, supportable, and accurate estimate of value to assist you in your appeal with the Property Assessment Appeal Board. We are always prepared to defend our appraisals if they are challenged. 

We Will Provide A Free Initial Review of Your Property

Services we offer:

  • 1
    Completing the Evidence Package (Limited review of E-Value BC and a qualitative comparison chart)
  • 2
    Appearing at Property Assessment Review Panel
  • 3
    Completing Full report with quantitative chart for appeal

Steps For Appeal

1. Review Assessment Notice – is all info/market value correct (received by Dec 31)
2. Discuss your Concerns – contact local BC Assessment office (online/phone/person). The appraiser will:

  • a. Explain how market value was determined
  • b. Refer you to similar properties in the neighborhood

3. Request a Review – independent review by the Property Assessment Review Panel. “Notice of Complaint”. Must be submitted by January 31. Complaint must include:

  • a. Reason for requesting review
  • b. Roll number
  • c. Property description (ie. Address and/or legal description)
  • d. Your full name, mailing address, contact phone number
  • e. Statement saying whether you own the property
  • f. If agent is appointed (ie. Independent appraiser), full name and business contact info

4. Preparing for your Hearing – prepare Evidence Package. Must bring 5 copies.
5. Appear at Hearing – Feb 1 – March 15 – you have 5-8 minutes to present your case
6. Panel Decisions – decisions must be rendered by March 16; formal Decision Notice by April 17
7. Appeal to a Panel – if you’re not satisfied, Appeal by April 30 (; 604-755-1740; 1-888-775-1740).

There are some important dates to remember throughout this process:
December 31st, 2013: 2013 BC Property Assessment Released
January 31, 2014: Request a Review by date
February 1 – March 15, 2014: Appeal Hearings
March 16, 2014: Panel Decision
April 17, 2014: Formal Decisions Notice from the Court
April 30, 2014: Appeal to the Panel by date

Please contact WesTech if you have any questions about appraisals for tax assessment disputes. We would be happy to help.