Tax Assessment Appeals

Do you believe that your home was assigned an unrealistically high value on your tax assessment? 

WesTech Appraisal Services Ltd. can help. 

The first week of January homeowners in BC will receive their property tax notice. This notice determines the amount of property tax the homeowner must pay for the current year. The amount you pay is dependent on your home's value determined by BC Assessment Authority as of July 1st of the previous year.

If you believe that the BC Assessment Authority has overvalued your home, you can appeal this value and ultimately reduce the total amount of tax you have to pay. It is important you act quickly once you receive your statement! The deadline to appeal is January 31st.

We will perform a professional appraisal and provide you with a credible, supportable, and accurate estimate of value to assist you in your appeal with the Property Assessment Review Board.

Thanks for your help today Sean! I think it was very helpful to have you there to bolster our argument. Our outcome (down 25%) was a markedly positive difference compared to two of my neighbours who also appealed, one of whom got zero!