Appraisal for Tax Planning

Careful tax planning (ie. capital gains, financial planning, GST/HST rebates, change of principal residence) requires accurate and reliable appraisal figures. WesTech is highly experienced in this area and we are familiar with dealing with lawyers, accountants, and all other parties involved. Our appraisal reports meet the requirements of the Courts, Canada Revenue Agency, and various other agencies.

If you are an investor or owner striving to meet Canada Revenue Agency requirements, you can rest assured that an appraisal from WesTech will provide accurate figures. You will also have the confidence of knowing that we will stand behind our appraisal if it is challenged.

Tax planning usually requires an appraisal to establish Fair Market Value for the residential property involved. Often, the effective date of valuation (ie. date property was disposed of, or was considered to have been disposed of) differs from the date the appraisal was requested. WesTech is well versed in the procedure and requirements of creating a retrospective appraisal with an effective date and Fair Market Value estimate matching the date of disposition. The ethics provision within our Standards binds us with confidentiality, ensuring the fullest degree of discretion.