Employee Relocation Appraisals

WesTech’s appraisal team has considerable experience in the valuation of property for the purposes of employee relocation. We are very familiar with the minimum requirements for relocation appraisals and can complete your report on a variety of Canadian industry relocation forms.

Timelines can be very tight during an employee’s relocation and we are sensitive to the delicate dynamics of the process. WesTech recognizes that, to the relocating homeowner, the appraiser is often the sole visible representative of the client, so we always take care to allot sufficient time during the site visit to counsel and impart confidence to the transferee while communicating credibility and professionalism.

We are committed to delivering relocation appraisals in a timely manner and take the utmost pride in providing exceptional customer service from the start to finish of every assignment. WesTech adheres strictly to the Appraisal Standards and handles all information with discretion and a guarantee of confidentiality.

Our attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction have earned us the respect and trust of major relocation firms across Canada and abroad. WesTech’s reports offer universal acceptability, ensuring peace of mind for everyone concerned.


I am reviewing the appraisal you have submitted [...] and just wanted to thank you for your great work. The information, statistics, details, and comments in the appraisal were thoughtful and well researched. The comparable sales used were great representations of value and your adjustments and rationale seem to be well supported. I see a lot of very sparse appraisals come by my desk and it is always a relief to have the full picture provided without further requests for information to the appraiser.

Thank you again for your great appraisal. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Stacy Cooper, CRA
Valuation Consultant / Weichert Relocation Canada ULC