How to appeal property tax assessment?

BC Assessment property tax appeal

how to appeal property tax assessment ?

Are you unhappy with your
property tax assessment?

You might be shocked by how much your property value has increased, but don’t panic. You can check the online assessment search tool to compare your home with others in your area and see if your increase is reasonable or not. The key thing to look at is the % increase, not the dollar amount. If your home is in line with the average for your area, there’s likely no need for you to consider an appeal.

But if you believe your home is overvalued compared to your neighbors and similar properties, you might have a case for appeal, potentially leading to a considerable reduction in the total amount of tax you have to pay on your home.

The first thing you should do is contact BC Assessment and talk to an appraiser. They can explain how they assessed your property and listen to your concerns. Sometimes, they can make adjustments without going through a formal appeal process.

If you are still not happy with the assessment after talking to an appraiser, you can file a formal appeal and request a review by the Property Assessment Review Panel (PARP). The PARP is an independent body that can examine and change assessments if they find errors or inconsistencies.

Don't forget: The deadline to submit your appeal is January 31 – no exceptions.

What kind of information should
you gather to support your appeal?

You should gather evidence that shows why your property value is lower than the assessed value. This could include:

• Recent sales of similar properties in your area
• Appraisals or valuations from qualified professionals
• Photos or videos of your property showing any defects or damages that affect its value
• Any other relevant documents or information that support your claim

Before assembling your complaint package, be sure to consult BC Assessment Authority’s PARP Complaint Appeal Guide—an essential resource for comprehensive guidance

How to present your case at the hearing?

You should prepare a clear and concise argument that explains why you disagree with the assessment and what you think your property value should be. You should also:

• Be respectful and polite to the panel members and the BC Assessment representative
• Provide copies of your evidence to the panel and the BC Assessment representative
• Focus on the facts and avoid emotional or personal statements
• Be prepared to answer questions from the panel or the BC Assessment representative

If you want to challenge your BC Assessment, you need to present a strong case with relevant and concise evidence.

things to note:

• BC assessment Authority charges a small now refundable fee of $30.00 to submit Notice of Complaint(appeal).

• If you submit a Notice of Complaint(appeal) and decided not to proceed you will need to submit a Withdrawal Notice of Complaint (Appeal)
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