How to choose an appraiser in Vancouver?

What to consider when hiring a real estate appraiser?

In the world of real estate transactions, a home appraisal plays a vital role providing an unbiased professional opinion of a home’s value that can be used for different purposes such as refinancing, estate planning, splitting property in a divorce, buying or selling property. A professional real estate appraiser can make all the difference, significantly influencing the success of a transaction. But how to choose an appraiser in Vancouver? Let’s explore some key factors to consider.
how to choose an appraiser


One of the first things to consider is the appraiser’s qualifications. To ensure that a real estate appraiser is reliable, you should verify their licenses and certifications. Look for their professional affiliation with the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) or Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (CNAREA).

Credibility and Reputation

When choosing an appraiser, credibility and reputation are vital considerations. One way to evaluate this is by examining their online and physical presence. Positive reviews and client recommendations serve as valuable indicators of reliability and professionalism. Take the time to research how previous customers have rated and reviewed their services on platforms like Google business listings and other review platforms. Beyond client reviews and ratings, exploring their website, social media profiles, and any available blogs can provide relevant information.

Experience and Expertise

Various property types demand specific knowledge and expertise. It’s essential to ensure that the appraiser possesses a background in appraising similar properties and a deep understanding of the local market, including neighborhood trends. Additionally, checking the appraisers’ years of experience can provide valuable insights into their expertise and capability to handle the appraisal process effectively.

Communication and Professionalism

Clear and responsive communication is key; timely responses to inquiries can streamline the appraisal process and instill trust in the appraisal’s accuracy and reliability. Consider whether questions are answered promptly and thoroughly, reflecting the appraiser’s dedication to professional conduct. Additionally, the opportunity to speak directly with the owners before ordering can provide valuable insight into the appraiser’s approach and commitment to client satisfaction.


Before hiring a real estate appraiser, make sure to check their fees. Remember to compare fees and the quality of the service, to select the option that best aligns with your needs. While the cheapest option may seem enticing, it’s essential to prioritize quality and expertise over price alone. Investing in a reputable and reliable appraiser ensures accurate valuation and peace of mind throughout the process.

Turnaround time

Another crucial factor when selecting a home appraisal service is their efficiency in turnaround time. It’s advisable to reach out to the home appraiser directly to inquire about their estimated completion timeframe for the appraisal report and ensure it aligns with your requirements. Typically, the turnaround time should not exceed one week. Additionally, if you find yourself in a time-sensitive situation, it’s worth checking whether the appraiser offers rush appraisal services to accommodate your urgent needs.

Beyond Property Valuation

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